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What happens to an 8 year old who is quarantined all school year long and has a birthday coming soon? She gets to choose her own birthday themed party! A "surprise" tea party with fancy decor and finger food. After, a nerf gun battle! I'll have to say I was a bit apprehensive to the idea. The thought of going into battle after a Filipino tea party. it didn't sit too well with me. But here is what happened.

First, a decked out table filled with delicious fingers foods and desserts. Most of the time we talk about how delicious everything tasted. Almost too delicious to even want to share!

Followed by gift opening!

Pretty wrapped gifts were exchanged.

Then we prepared for battle. If this party had a music theme intro. This is what it would sound like. Press play!

And like always. I team with the winners!

Can you spot us?

How have you and your family been celebrating birthday's in quarantine? Please like, comment and share this story if you enjoyed this post!



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