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Why I use all 3 Brands of Polymer Clay

As much as I see popularity with FIMO polymer clay, I often find my clay hardening in open air which makes it difficult for me to work with. Although, it is the most sturdy brand to work with. I would absolutely recommend using FIMO if you are a first time polymer clay jewelry and accessory artist.

I understand there is certain ways to care and store your clay but If you are a messy maker like myself, I try to find ways to make things easy for me. Here are my explanations of each brand that I use.


A tough mold that needs plenty of kneading if mold has been left out. Easy to fix mistakes! Soft, although easy to break while molding. Great for rounded shapes and imprints. When baked, it is bendable, sturdy and is fairly true to its color after being baked.

BEST FOR: Strong items that can withstand drops and bangs.


Soft mold does not require much kneading when left out. Used for extremely detailed items because of how easy it is to make a mark. Great for detailed items. When baked, it is easily breakable and not strong, it is not true to its color when baked. Recommend painting over it.

BEST FOR: Creating highly detailed items.

CRAFTSMART POLYMER CLAY PREMIUM: This clay is a texture between FIMO and SKULPEY. Can easily be molded yet tough enough to erase any mistakes. When baked, it is bendable to an extent. Fairly sturdy and true to its color after being baked.

BEST FOR: Strong items that can withstand occasional drops and bangs.

I love to mix FIMO and SCULPEY when I make my badge holder plates. The clay is softer to knead and I can still easily make marks and imprints. I usually use all 3 because of pricing as well. There are deals at Michaels and Joannes for each brand or sometimes for all purchases.

You would think I would choose CRAFTSMART POLYMER CLAY as my primary choice but the reason I still choose FIMO as my favorite clay to use is because of options and stock! FIMO is well stocked at the stores I go to and on Amazon! They have great choices of colors and other textures and types.

If you are interested in the art of polymer clay sculpting here is one of my favorite starts packs from FIMO:

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