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Vibrant Colors & Quirky Patterns for Summer Dessert Table!

Having a vibrant color scheme and quirky pattern layout can make for a simple decor. No embellishments needed when you choose to use bright summer colors. The richness of colors makes this dessert table look so delectable without the added distracting decor!

Color scheme: Teal, orange, fuchsia & yellow. All other colors are accents.

Patterns: Triangels, polkadots and stripes

Chocolate covered strawberries with assorted colored sprinkles

Chocolate covered Oreos with assorted colored sprinkles

Vanilla graham cracker custard top with berries

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks

Chocolate covered marshmallows

Brown butcher paper to cover the tabletop and a paper pom pom or two is added on the table as well.

The items ons this table were specially made by my sister, Jasmin. Who is an amazing baker, cook and mother! Check out her page: Booo_Dye

Types of treats on the table:

  • Chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles

  • Chocolate covered Oreo cookies with sprinkles

  • Chocolate covered marshmellows

  • Chocolate covered pretzel sticks

  • Vanilla graham custard topped with berries

  • My personal favorite: Goldfish

You can purchase these items online or at your local grocery store. Here are some suggest through the Walmart's online store.

Here are my food brand selections:

Plates and platters are seasonal items. Here are some places you can look for seasonal decor in store or online:

Daiso Japan, 99 cent store, Dollar general, Dollar tree, Walmart, Target, and Micheals.

Here are some of my favorite affordable summer trays and holders:

Summer Party Dinnerware Collection

Bulk Beach Bash Rectangular Plastic Serving trays

Fruit serving tray indoor appetizers watermelon -$18.98

Bulk Rectangular Serving Trays with Handles - $24.00/case

Martha Stewart Mint & Gold Solid Bucket - $1.59


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