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Decor & Dessert QuaranTEA Party

2020 has been nothing but disappointment but that did not stop us from having my nieces 9th birthday tea party from happening. Full of bright vibrant spring and summer colors! The highlights were the amazing desserts and foods that made the décor pop!

Gorgeous chocolate mousse cake from Whole Foods.

Faux flower and decorations from Dollar tree.

More desserts from Whole foods.

Although we do have skilled bakers and cooks in our family, all of our desserts were purchased outside

Of course it wouldn't be a filipino tea party without the egg rolls!

A deliciously prepared pasta salad

A prepared meat and cheese platter

Cute mini sandwiches in 3 different types!

And of course pinky's up while we drink our sweet tea!

Here is where we got our supplies on Amazon:

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